2023 Form W9: Does W-9 Weed to be Renewed Every Year?

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2023 Form W9 – A W9 form or Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, is a document used by companies and individuals, primarily freelancers and independent contractors, to deliver their taxpayer identification number (TIN) to a company or organization where they provide their service. The TIN is usually the taxpayer’s social security number (SSN) for an individual or the employer identification number (EIN) for a business.

2023 Form W9 Fillable
2023 Form W9

The W9 form is typically used when a payer must report earnings paid to a payee, such as interest, dividends, or rental income, to the IRS. The company uses the information provided on the W9 form to complete a 1099 form, which is used to report income to the IRS.

It is necessary to remember that form W9 does not require yearly renewal. Once a W9 form is completed and submitted, the information stays valid until the payee demands a change or the payer demands a new form. Nevertheless, if there is a change in the payee’s TIN or other details delivered on the W9 form, the payee should inform the payer as soon as possible and provide a new W9 form.

2023 Form W9 is a document that gives a taxpayer identification number to a payer so they can report income to the IRS. It does not need to be renewed every year; however, it needs to be upgraded if there are any changes in the payee’s details.

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